I was Duped in 2002 – Comedian AY Recounts London Ordeal

I was Duped in 2002 – Comedian AY Recounts London Ordeal


Isaac Oguntoye

An average Nigerian would prefer travelling out of the country, rather than staying back to tap into the numerous opportunities that are yet to be explored in Nigeria. As a result, many have fallen victim to visa agents, who having collected their hard earned money, do not get them a visa as promised. In fact most travellers have been thrown in prison, after immigration operatives discovered they were in possession of fake visas.

There are many good reasons to go abroad, however, there are also a couple of unpleasant side-effects travelling attracts and many are not even aware of them. Only a few victims are able to share their experiences in the hands of visa vendors and their scams.

Just recently, Nigeria’s top comedian, Ayo Makun who is popularly known as AY shared his experience at the hands of these con men. According to him, he wanted to travel to London, in a bid to search for greener pastures but he was duped in 2002.

Today, the dynamic comedian is thanking the con man who duped him, saying that if he had travelled, he wouldn’t have become a popular comedian, touring various parts of the world without hassle.

He goes further to say that the same country he had wanted to go in search of greener pasture, has become a place he visits as a tourist.

“Once upon a time, all I wanted to do is come to this land to hustle at any level. Then I got duped by a certain individual who prevented me from coming here in 2002. When I look at the way I kinda tour the world today, all I want to do is say thank you to the dude #youarethebest” AY revealed.

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