Tagbo Died Of Suffocation! -Autopsy Result

Tagbo Died Of Suffocation! -Autopsy Result

Eniola Awokoya

It would be recalled that Tagbo’s corpse was dropped off at a general hospital on October 4, 2017, after he was last seen partying with Davido and his crew.

In a new twist to this story, it is appearing as if Davido knows more about the circumstances leading to Tagbo’s death.

According to an online report, a CCTV footage showed that Tagbo was violent and quarrelsome after downing 40 cups of tequila.

Now according to CCTV, Davido reportedly instructed three people in his entourage, Tunde Yesufu, Agbaje Olaoye and an unidentified person to take Tagbo to the General Hospital on Lagos Island and leave him there.

The CCTV footage reportedly caught all of the deliberations before the escort vehicle was driven by these three men while the car was said to be recovered at Davido’s house.

It is because of the loopholes in his story that Davido has been reportedly invited by the police for more questioning.

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