My Friend Threw Me Out With Just N20 in my pocket – Mr Ibu

My Friend Threw Me Out With Just N20 in my pocket – Mr Ibu


Isaac Oguntoye

Popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu is one who had experienced poverty before his rise to fame, shared his heart-melting, Grass to Grace testimony at the All Nations Church in South Africa.

In his testimony, he narrated how his friend he was staying with in a one room apartment, sent him packing with just N20 in his pocket, he also revealed how frustrated and suicidal he became, as he contemplated jumping into a well and ending it all.

According to the comedian, he had seen a reflection of his mother’s face on the surface of the water and that had stopped him from committing suicide. He had wept bitterly after the event and had to sleep under a trailer with stray dogs because he was homeless.

While talking about how he had eventually made it, Mr. Ibu said while walking on the streets, he had seen a gathering of people auditioning for movie roles and had met an old acquaintance.

He had also met a friend who had taken him in and after six months off the streets, things turned around for good. John Okafor is one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters. His humorous role is often characterised by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality.

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