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No Man Needs a Woman to Satisfy Him – Saheed Osupa

No Man Needs a Woman to Satisfy Him – Saheed Osupa


Acclaimed king of Fuji music, Saheed Osupa, has advised women to desist from nagging or trying to use charms to keep a man.

According to him, the joy of every man is to be blessed with a perfect partner not the one who will frustrate his efforts and wellbeing. The singer with a sonorous voice has been telling those who care to listen that, any woman who can’t Keep a relationship without nagging, can’t keep a home.

He said this on his social media account, while giving reasons, why some women have become refuse bins to different men.

In his post, he said “Any Woman Who Can’t Keep a Relationship without Nagging, Can’t Keep a home. And If she forces it, she will end up being a bin to different men, until she goes back to fix her faulty foundation. So, ladies being quiet doesn’t show you’re less, it shows how wise you are. Be that woman that her man won’t sleep a night outside for, not by using Juju or quarrel. But, be a good woman that your offspring can emulate.”

This has been generating some buzz on his wall on social media as some women came out to defend themselves.

When one of them asked, “can a man be satisfied?”, the embodiment of talent said “No man needs a woman to satisfy him. but need a woman he can live with in peace throughout the rest of his life not a nagging trouble maker who never gives herself peace of mind.” He concluded