Crisis in the Movie Industy: Veteran Actor, Aderupoko Reacts

Crisis in the Movie Industy: Veteran Actor, Aderupoko Reacts


Isaac Oguntoye

Veteran actor, Olaiya Kayode, popularly known as Aderupoko have set the record straight over the incessant crisis in the Yoruba genre of movie industry. Before now, the administrative role of the industry is bestowed on Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP).

However, a new association called Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, TAMPAN was established by some notable youths in the industry, albeit pushing aside some veterans and this is believed to be causing crisis within the industry. By causing confusion between fans, marketers and other stakeholders in the make-believe industry over which of the association is more authentic.

In an interview with the veteran Nollywood star, Aderupoko, said both TAMPAN and ANTP are the same, thus have the same right to oversee the affairs of the Yoruba Movie industry.

According to him, “both TAMPAN and ANTP, we’re all one. We started from ANTP and now we have TAMPAN.

“For instance, in the English speaking movie industry, they have different guilds too. So, there is nothing bad if ANTP diverted to another group. And what has been keeping the industry is the hard work and rich content that depicts our cultural heritage. So, basically the truth is that, we are all one and we are both working for the success of our industry. There is no crisis.” he concluded

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