Meet these Mr. Eligible of the Entertainment Industry

Meet these Mr. Eligible of the Entertainment Industry


Joke Onitolo

The entertainment industry, is blessed with several eligible bachelors,they are handsome, bold and blessed with a physique most ladies would die for. They are also successful in their chosen fields and are quite financially buoyant, one would wonder why these men are yet to leave the clique of single men, with the throng of ladies vying for their attention.

Meet these unrepentant bachelors:

Byran Okwara

Byran Okwara made his debut in 2007, when he won Mr. Nigeria with a handsome face and the body of a Greek god.

Byran has every beautiful lady at his beck and call. The model is blessed with an enviable fashion sense, to complement that body of his.  The model was once rumoured to be dating model Bunmi Ademokoya. Although he is yet to introduce us to a Mrs. Okwara.


Born Micheal Stephen, the controversial artist began his rap career in 1998. Ruggedman was rumoured to be romantically involved with Isio Wanagho, The relationship was the talk of the town, before it crashed suddenly leaving him in the singles market.

Ruggedman is the CEO of Sept 20 wears and  Rugged records. The rap artist is yet to find his missing rib.

Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi is one of Nollywood’s  bad boy, the light skinned actor came into the lime light in 2001. In spite of  pressure from his mother, he is unrepentant in his bachelorhood.

The 41 year old screen king is yet to find his missing rib

Joseph Benjamin

He is one of Nollywood’s talented stars , the dark skinned Adonis oozes charm and sex appeal, leaving the ladies hearts aflutter, especially when he turns up on the red carpet.


Olumide Edward Adegbolu has remained in the bachelor’s list for quite a while now. Olu is said to be a generous man when it comes to dolling out cash, however to benefit from his largess, you must be female. He was romantically linked with popular socialite, Enuice Efole.

Although we don’t hear the wedding bells.


Popular model and TV presenter, Derenle Edun is one of Nigeria’s eligible bachelors, in the entertainment industry. The media personality began his career, when he was just 11 years old, on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) called Kiddies Vision 101 .

Early this year, he revealed in an interview why his marriage plans with is ex did not work out “They said there would be a lot of terms and conditions, that I would have to behave in a certain  way. I thought about it but when I was ‘normal’ I didn’t have money, if I am broke how will I pay bride price? tho, the girl and I are still friends,” he told Guardian Life.

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