Actor Femi Adebayo Considers Politics Amidst Marital Controversy

Actor Femi Adebayo Considers Politics Amidst Marital Controversy


Sofowora Oladapo

Actor Femi Adebayo is in the news again and not for the right reasons, according to the news making the rounds, his second marriage to his wife Tayo, which is barely one year old, is allegedly in crisis.

The grapevine also allege that his wedding photos from his second marriage, have been deleted from his and Tayo’s social media accounts. They even say that both man and wife have unfollowed each other on Instagram, leaving many tongues wagging at what could be amiss.

Although he and his wife have made a video, which is going viral on social media, refuting rumours that the marriage is in crisis. Apparently the couple is more in love than ever and they let us know that their marital vows to each other is as strong as ever.

In the midst of all of these, the Nollywood actor, may be considering a career in politics, as a close source divulged to ,”Femi is seen by his Ilorin constituents as a messiah, who can save them from the bad representation they are currently facing at the assembly”.

Femi Adebayo is a well known brand, in the Nigerian movie industry such that his acting prowess, cuts across the English and Yoruba speaking genre of the industry. His pedigree as the son of a veteran thespian, Adebayo Salami is well known.

Aside his career as an accomplished actor, director and producer, Femi is also actively involved in Kwara state politics. He is currently the Special Adviser (S.A) on Arts, culture and tourism to the Kwara state governor, Ahmed Abdulfatah.

Clearly he is versed in politics and is not a novice, however whether he would be accepting the mantle to represent his people at the assembly, is not yet known.

The source goes further to say his people trust his abilities to represent them.

“Femi is facing serious pressure from youth leaders in his constituency in Ilorin, Kwara state. They want him to contest at the next general election as a member of the Kwara state House of Assembly.

“They see him as more accessible, with a solid pedigree in education and career. I can tell you that, he has not made up his mind to obey the clarion call by his people. Only time would tell if he would accept the challenge vested on him”.

According to political pundits in Kwara state, Femi has contributed immensely to the drastic positive growth of arts, culture and tourism in the north central state.

With his influence in the movie industry, he has attracted top Nollywood actors, to stage plays often. He has also made Kwara state a preferred location hub for movie producers and directors.

Thus his contribution to Kwara state, is recognized.

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