There is no Curse Upon You if You Don’t Pay Tithe! -Daddy Freeze

There is no Curse Upon You if You Don’t Pay Tithe! -Daddy Freeze


Isaac Oguntoye

Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as Daddy Freeze, is quite controversial for his views on religious leaders. The Nigerian radio host and presenter who had his social media account hacked and almost deleted, is back once again, with his religious rants, much stronger than ever.

This time he practically flays Nigerian pastors, who in his opinion, deceive members with the holy scriptures, in a bid to collect tithes.

The biracial activist, who is born to a Nigerian father (Osun state) and a European mother (Romania), seems unperturbed, since the attack on his social media account, as he has continued from where he left off, on his diatribe with regards tithing.

On the statement by some pastors who say not paying tithe leaves one at risk of being cursed, Daddy Freeze is not here for such views as he said:

“There is no curse upon you if you don’t pay tithe! If you disagree show me the church Aliko Dangote, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates pay their tithe to. Instead of paying tithe to people who aren’t qualified to receive it, they give to the poor. Bill Gates has given billions to eradicate disease in Africa while Aliko Dangote has just earmarked $100million dollars, more than the cost of a private jet to eradicate hunger in Nigeria!”

According to Daddy Freeze, any pastor who wants to debunk his argument should do so with scriptural evidence, not sentimentality or emotional blackmail. In his own words, “I’m back guys! Jesus defeated the devil WITH SCRIPTURES not with sentiments and emotional blackmail. Debunk my argument with the word of God not with psychological tactics.”

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