I Don’t Mind Becoming a Baby Mama -Anita Joseph

I Don’t Mind Becoming a Baby Mama -Anita Joseph


Isaac Oguntoye

Curvaceous Nollywood actress cum singer, Anita Joseph is a popular face in the entertainment industry, who have done a quite well, with regards her acting. Aside her prowess as an actress, she has won the hearts of her fans, not just because of her body, but she isn’t shy about sharing her opinions, off and on social media.

Indeed shocking her fans is what Anita Joseph does best, thus making her quite controversial in the court of public opinion. However this hasn’t in anyway hampered her success as an entertainer.

As expected, the Anambra born thespian, is shocking her fans again, this time with regards her views on single motherhood and marriage. She is not shy about letting us know where she stands, as she says she would embrace being a baby mama and is not so bothered about marriage.

In her own words, “These your questions sha. I can decide not to answer you. But I choose to. Marriage comes when it comes. I am not bothered about it. And if by the way he shoots and is a pregnancy then it’s a congratulations!”

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