Nigerian Musicians Who Think Ranting will Bring Them Back to the Limelight

Nigerian Musicians Who Think Ranting will Bring Them Back to the Limelight


…Their Preys, Antics and Strategy

The news recently that Mr. Bill Gates, the founder and the Chairman of Microsoft is no longer the richest man in the world further reinforce the saying that “nothing really last forever”, what this simply means is that though he’s still super convenient and still very much rich, somebody else has been able to surpass his wealth accumulation.

This is also applicable to most Nigerian artistes especially musician, the difference however is the fact that some are wise to invest their money wisely when they were commanding all the attention, while some also invested it on vague things, we will be taking a look at some who had fallen off the ladder of fame, but are desperate to return this time around not for a trending song they just dropped but for ranting on everybody who is doing well around them.

Ranting is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner, it is further defined as scolding vehemently. Finding shows many Nigerian former music stars have recently decided to vent their anger of not lasting long enough on the scene to make the bucks the others are making now on those making the money.

  • Eedris Abdulkareem: Remember him, he’s one of the singing group “Remedies”, that took over the airwaves in the mid to late nineties, before his hot-headedness allegedly pull the group apart, his solo effort also won him many accolades until he allowed his unruly attitude to get the better of him, when he decided to go on head on collision with British music star 50 Cent in the course of a sponsored show to Nigeria in 2004 and that seems to be the beginning of his decline, the rest as the saying goes is history.In an effort to re-launch his musical career, Eedris has dropped some singles, he has even done a couple of collaborations with artistes whose status he’d expected will help rekindle his music career all to no avail, it seems when all efforts targeted effort failed he decided to employ another tactic which he thought was to critique, but the way he’s going about it all makes look more like the rant of an embittered man. Below is an attempt to recalled the numbers of singers that had come under the barrage of his attack since he began;
  1. D’banj: During one of his fits Eedris had launched a barrage of insult on the “Koko Master”. In an interview with Goldmyne TV, he lashed out at D’banjfor his 2012 separation from Don Jazzy. According to him “The biggest mistake someone like D’banj made was to be so stupid and leave Don Jazzy. You know why? Dbanj no gets talent. Na razzmatazz he gets,” he said.
  1. Don Jazzy: Eedris in an interview with HIP TV said that new artistes like Don Jazzy are making a lot of money because of sacrifices of people like him. “Without the old artistes, the new artistes won’t make money, because we fought for the life that they are living right now. “We put food on their table because of what we fought for, and we are very happy, and that’s why we are legends, you understand. But if anyone of them tries to disrespect, we will put them back to where they belong. “All of them, from Don Jazzy and all of them, they lived in London, how come the British government never gave them opportunity, they had to come to Nigeria because we made it happen,” he said. Forgetting that some people also fought the war he enjoyed in his hay days
  2. Eazi: though this singeralso goes beyond his boundary over comments he made concerning Nigerian artist jumping on the Ghanaian wave of music, but with the status of elder that Eedris seriously craved he should have allowed the younger artistes to do the talking. While granting an interview with Goldmyne TV, Eedris Abdulkareem called Mr. Eazi stupid for his comment. “You must be a stupid man. You are a fool. Number one you sound like Ghanaians. That’s why you are accepted, that’s why you are not original but because its African music that’s why you are accepted. Who are you to say a thing like that? That’s pride” said Eedris Abdulkareem.
  1. Timaya has gotten his own fair share of insults from Eedris Abdulkareem’s rants. Eedris Abdulkareem lashed out at Timaya, claiming that the star has forgotten his roots and has become an ingrate, he scolded further that Timaya who he housed for 4 years never deemed it fit to appreciate him once but will rather be singing his own praises. Unlike others Timaya would not hear of his criticism from somebody of Eedris caliber as he lambasted him for all his noise, according to the “Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa” as he calls himself, Eedris has no right to talk to him anyhow, he recollected that even when he was learning as back-up singer for Eedris he travels to shows with personal money, he however capped it when he called him a “Dirty Igbo smoker”. Since the outburst nothing has been said about the issues again maybe for the fear of an even more vicious backlash.
  2. He also beamed his rant searchlight on Davido, when he said”Davido and other artistes are riding on international platforms and making Africa proud. But my advice to him and others artistes is that don’t go to America and come back to show us cocaine in your videos which makes no sense.”
  3. The most recent of his rant is aimed at Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2baba, this is after he had initially accused the “African Queen” crooner of chasing all the good people around him away, and attempting to carry out a national protest without carrying along the veterans like him, suggesting that as a writer of love songs he doesn’t necessarily sing socially conscious music that qualifies him to lead such protest, icing the insult then with the fact that 2 Baba had children from multiple women. Spurred by the fact that 2 Baba seems not interested in joining issues with him, he aimed another salvo on the artiste recently on issues that has to do with his former mate at “Plantashun Boiz” Blackface, who has been living in abject poverty, he accused him of leaving a deceitful lifestyle after his stage name, he also claimed all the songs that shot them to limelight were composed him. This has however elicit response from 2 Baba who challenged him to enter into the studio and make a song that will be accepted and that seems to have put paid to his rant on him.

Since his rant session begin this is gradually catching the attention of some others’ whose career are either in comatose or is gradually fading off and the list includes;

  • Blackface: The singing partner of 2 Baba in his Plantashun Boiz days, who has for months been trying to use the fame of his one-time friend to get a whiff of the pedestal from which they fell, it would be recollected that the three members of the group were recalled sometimes back to record an album and the contract was said to have fetched each of them moneys running into N20milion, this was allegedly squandered by Blackface, and all attempt to relaunch himself has not been working this it was that resulted to him attacking his old time buddy for media leverage.
  • Konga: This is the story of another singer whose chance of making anything out of his fast fading career is almost competing with the chance of Lucifer making heaven, he also decided to employ the Eedris strategy and took to the social media to rant about how ungrateful Don Jazzy, D Banj and Wande Cole is. His argument is the he was the one that introduce Wande to the then Mo’Hit crew and that since then none of them has shown any form of appreciation. It is funny this is just coming years after the group had parted ways and at a time his musical career is at its lowest.

…To be Continued

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