Blame Me For Psquare’s Breakup -Peter Psquare

Blame Me For Psquare’s Breakup -Peter Psquare


Isaac Oguntoye

It is no longer news that twin act, Peter and Paul Okoye of defunct musical group Psquare have parted ways. This family feud is taking on another turn, as Peter who prefers to be called Mr. P these days, is telling those who would listen that as the self-proclaimed bad boy of the family, he is willing to take the blame for the group’s breakup.

In an interview shared on Instagram today, 20th of November 2017, Mr. P said that he is always being referred to as the bad boy of the group, and the root of most controversies within the family,

According to him, his new single ‘My Head’ is a perfect example of what has been happening within his family and how it has always revolved around him.

In his words, “I noticed I’ve been the bad boy of my family because everything that has happen have always been on my head. If you listen to my new single, ‘My Head’ then you will realize I am taking blame for everything that has happened so far. I want you to blame me for the fight that has been happening within the family including the Psquare breakup.”

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