I Won’t Judge My Colleagues For Substandard Movies- Prince Jide Kosoko

I Won’t Judge My Colleagues For Substandard Movies- Prince Jide Kosoko


Isaac Oguntoye

The movie industry in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, as it has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

However, in the midst of this growth are some movie producers who flood the movie industry with substandard materials, a source divulged to Happenings.com.ng. These substandard movie productions, undermine the efforts of notable producers, who are tediously working to put Nigeria on the global map for good movies.

In light of the presence of substandard movies, many wonder if there will be a regulatory body to vet every production, before it is released into the market. Just recently, Happenings.com.ng had a conversation with veteran actor, Prince a Jide Kosoko, who was once the president of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Art Practitioners (ANTP).

While having the interview, he said “I am not in charge of cross checking which movie is good or bad. And don’t forget, I am not in a position to start judging my colleagues. But, in as much as possible, I want to give kudos to all our producers, actors, directors and every other participants in Nollywood for their contribution, we are doing well. It’s a gradual processes, and don’t forget, it’s a young industry as far as I am concerned we are moving on.”

Talking about how the government could come into it, he also said “we want regulations. Enabling laws that will move the industry forward. Powerful laws to curtail piracy.” He concluded

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