Medical treatment:Stella Monye’s Son lbrahim Begs Nigerians for Financial Assistance

Medical treatment:Stella Monye’s Son lbrahim Begs Nigerians for Financial Assistance


Akinyele Sokoya

The campaign to raise 35 million naira for lbrahim’s medical treatment kicked off since January 1 2018 and kind hearted Nigerians has been responding. The patient who is in need of the financial is out to talk.

In his own words, “my name is lbrahim,I am Stella Monye’s only son but l have siblings adopted by my mother.l know my story has been told many times.l have watched kind Nigerians try hard to help me and my mother with my medical challenges since the accident happened,I was 10 years old,you may have read my story told in various mainstream media.

“l have been in pain from my childhood years to adolescence. Now I am 27 years old I am still in pain. My mother and l have explored ways to ease my pain and to find a permanent medical solution, including several visits to different hospitals,seeking medical treatment for my damaged organ.

“l spent my younger years in hospital beds and home,l also studied on the hospital beds taking courses online. My mother paid for private teachers to tutor me at home because I could not be in regular class with my condition,my mom and siblings became everything to me.

“My painful story seems never ending,hence my mother decided to cry out and appeal to you,dear kind hearted Nigerians and citizens of the world. The past treatment and surgeries failed.

“I need your help to find a hopeful reconstructive surgery in Indiana USA as strongly recommended by my surgeon consultants. The specialist in Indiana after reviewing my medical records stated that my case was complicated and would need serious funding of 35m naira for reconstruction surgery and my mother could not afford it,hence, I appeal for your support.”

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