Nollywood Actor Yomi Fashlanso Seeks Votes

Nollywood Actor Yomi Fashlanso Seeks Votes


Akinleye Sokoya
Top Nollywood actor,Yomi Fashlanso is taking part in the on-going celebrity Reality TV show alongside other actors and comic stars.

To continue being relevant in this week-long show,this ladies’ man actor will be needing votes from his fans and friends, to stay in the house and probably win the show.

Yomi has paid his dues in the industry and he is one of the best role interpreters.

To vote for Yomi Fashlanso,simply log on to

First step,click on vote; second step, click on proceed; third step,click on the name Yomi Fashlanso underneath his picture; step four,scroll down all the pictures and click on votes.

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