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The True story Behind my Blindness Rumour…Fuji Star Remi Aluko

The True story Behind my Blindness Rumour…Fuji Star Remi Aluko


Akinyele Sokoya

The story of popular fuji star, Remi Aluko’s blindness has been in circulation for many years.

Some of his fans who watch him closely while performing on stage or moving, say he is being guided closely by his boys.

And these speculations posit that he became blind after he was tortured by the police when it was discovered that the phone gift he received from a fan, was actually stolen property.

Igwe as this fuji star is fondly called, has refuted these speculations, saying that the Nigerian police did not torture him.

In his words, “It was a fan gave me a phone as a gift after my performance,it was also true that police invited me to ask me questions about the phone,they eventually invited the fan that gave me the phone for questioning and left me off the hook,they didn’t touch me at all.

“But thereafter, I was having issue with someone,it was when we started having disagreements that he punched me on my face and since then my eyes has not been the same. Meanwhile, I have been to hospital for corrective measures which I think would yield fruits.”