What Fatherhood Means to Me- Seyi Law

Itohan Ferguson

Popular comedian Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Alatile, popularly known as Seyi Law, is one who has established himself in the Nigerian comedy industry and paid his dues. After he and his wife, Stacy Ebere lost their first child in 2015, the couple grieved, but have now been blessed with a baby girl Tiwaloluwa, after 5 years of marriage.

Those familiar with the comedian, know how seriously he takes fatherhood, in a conversation with Happenings , the delightful comedian tells us what fatherhood means to him.


What does Fatherhood mean to you?

Fatherhood is about bonding , it’s about love, discipline, encouragement. I should be able to love my daughter enough to have a special bond with her. Bonding with my children is important, so that they can confide in me, thus I can encourage them to follow their own paths and build themselves.

Also I should be able to discipline them when they are going the wrong way, tell that this is wrong. It is not by beating or flogging them all the time, sometimes you sit them down and talk to them, you let them understand their mistakes and how they can correct it.

Thats why love is very important in a family, we will all grow apart, but love will make us want to be around each other.These are qualities a father must be able to imbibe and pass on to his children.

How have you shielded your family from controversy?

With regards controversy, I thank God that Kemi Olunloyo apologized when she did, I believe we all make mistakes. We need to understand that when we speak, the context of what we say matters, so it is important to put more positive things out there, when they are negatives. So when my children grow and they see the negativity, they also get to see the positivity and that is important. The internet they say never forgets, therefore when there is a negative thing about you, try and channel your positive energy, into something good and put it out there, to serve as an encouragement to you and help you build yourself and take you beyond the depression, that negativity can cause.

Human beings generally, are built and wired to succumb to negativity and it triggers a response from us than positivity would. When you understand these things, you will understand why I am vocal when something negative is said about my family.

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