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Top Revelation About Soji Omobanke’s Late Father

Top Revelation About Soji Omobanke’s Late Father


Akinyele Sokoya

Yoruba actor,Soji Taiwo aka Soji Omobanke is a popular actor known for interpreting bad boy roles very well. He shot into fame over two decades ago.

Ose Omobanke as he is called lost his father, Yomi Taiwo to the cold hands of death last year.Until his death,not many people knew so much about him,especially his career.

The story has just surfaced that, Yomi Taiwo was a top member of Evang. Ebenezer Obey, he led the band throughout the period of Obey’s health challenge for years until he bounced back.

The rest they say is history,as he will continue to be remembered for his contributions to the progress of the band.