Femi Kuti knocks out Obasanjo,Babangida

Femi Kuti knocks out Obasanjo,Babangida


Akinyele Sokoya

Just like his late father,Fela Anikulapo Kuti who was known for criticizing the government and Nigerian leaders, Femi Kuti has made the bold decision to follow in his father’s steps, by being vocal about issues that affect the state of the nation.

In a viral video, he knocked out two former Presidents of Nigeria; Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida for criticizing president Buhari’s government.

In his own words,Kuti said, “Both Obj and Ibb should not be given audience. How can you be giving Obj audience. This man has ruled Nigeria how many times now?You see,I didn’t say he was a leader, he ruled and he had every opportunity to make this country great and he failed woefully.When you ask what did Obj do,you will say he brought the mobile phone.Everybody was using mobile phones while we were the last.

“When you hear the way the way the mobile phone came into Nigeria,it was through corruption again. If you go out through the shrine,you will see a big poster where Obj and Ibb are fools and Babangida said Obasanjo is a bigger fool,so when these kind of people write letter,what the young people should do is to just tear it and tell them to sh**t up.”

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