Real Reason for Tiwa Savage and Teebillz’s Divorce

Real Reason for Tiwa Savage and Teebillz’s Divorce

Itohan Ferguson

Months ago, Happenings reported that Tiwa and Teebillz’s marriage was in crisis see here .

A reliable source at the time divulged to us that Teebillz may have relocated to the United States of America, in the hopes of reconciling with his first wife and mother of his two children, Kenea Maete Udoh .

The source also went further to say that Teebillz’s first wife is his family’s choice for him and they never truly wanted Tiwa as his wife in the first place.

Last year Kenea Maete Udoh lost her father and came back to Nigeria for the funeral. Although Teebillz did not attend the funeral, he was on hand to comfort her at her loss.

It would seem that a case of simple marital estrangement will escalate into a divorce, as our source revealed that Teebillz has just filed for a divorce from Tiwa.

The reason is not far fetched as Teebillz’s family is pushing for a reconciliation with his first wife, hence they are pressuring him to divorce Tiwa and close that chapter of his life.

Another valid reason for family pressure to divorce Tiwa is because his family members are hell bent on ensuring he doesn’t tow his father’s line by having several kids from different women.

Kenea Maete Udoh
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