How Popular Actor,Yomi Fabiyi Escaped Wrongful Imprisonment

How Popular Actor,Yomi Fabiyi Escaped Wrongful Imprisonment


Akinyele Sokoya

If it hadn’t been for God’s grace, popular youthful actor,Yomi Fabiyi would have received a jail term for a crime he had known nothing about in his past.

Happenings gathered that some years back,the actor prepared to travel to the States when he received a mysterious looking luggage from an acquaintance at the airport.

He was about boarding a plane when he called his brother abroad, to let him know he was about leaving Nigeria for the US and he also told this brother of his about the luggage.

His brother advised him to immediately return the mystery luggage to its owner.
It was later confirmed that, the luggage contained things that could have indicted him and gotten him arrested and jailed.

It was learnt that those behind his rapid growth in the industry wanted to set him up,but God intervened.

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