Social Media User Accuses Wizkid of Daylight Robbery

Social Media User Accuses Wizkid of Daylight Robbery

Itohan Ferguson

A social media user, going by the name Kelvin Odanz have come out to accuse Wizkid (Star boy) of daylight robbery. Not in the way you would think, more like a girl friend snatching scenario. According to him, he recounted a time in his past when the superstar came to perform at his school, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and entertained three girls on stage as he performed.

According to him, after dancing, the music star had presumably asked all three girls to follow him to his hotel for the night. None of the girls had hesitated and one of them who had a boyfriend had blatantly retrieved her bag from her boyfriend and disappeared back stage.

The social media user went on to say that the incident burned in him the desire to succeed as Star boy was able to commit such a daylight robbery because of his success, by rudely snatching another man’s woman right in his presence and the boyfriend was powerless to stop it.

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