Linda Ikeji Mourns!

Linda Ikeji Mourns!

Eniola Awokoya

From the moment media big girl Linda Ikeji announced her pregnacy  and the attendant series of controversies it generated, there seem to be no end to the various twists and turns.

When Linda Ikeji moved into her N500 million mansion in 2016, she clearly stated that the only condition that will make her move out of it is when she finds a husband.

“Living in the house with my family. When I marry, I will move out! *sad face*” she said back then.

She has now given hints of moving out of her mansion soon, as she shared photos of her bedroom and toilet.

She said:

“My room! Gosh, not looking forward to leaving it! How do you walk away from a bathroom this huge? Let me come and go and cry and then come back! 😩😩”

See photos of the bedroom below

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