Two Popular Islamic singers  Fight Dirty In Public!

Two Popular Islamic singers Fight Dirty In Public!


If the story at our disposal is anything to go by, then two popular Islamic singers, Saoty Arewa and Akiki are at loggerheads. We learnt that both artistes fight dirty over superiority penultimate week at Ramadan lecture organised by one of their colleagues, Alhaja Misturah Aderounmu Asafa aka Temi in success. Those in the know revealed that when Saoty was called on stage to perform, instead of him to preach the gospel he was busy expressing himself idiomatically to get at Akiki that she said that his popularity would soon be over and coursing her despite the fact that they were fasting. Akiki when she climbed on stage to perform said emphatically that she has come to reply Saoty as she revealed what transpired between them, and claimed that she was a boss to Salty in the industry. She concluded by given a sound warning to him that he should desist from embarrassing her and coursing her, if not…

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