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American Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals that Her Grandmother Taught her to Masturbate at Age 9

Itohan Ferguson

Jada Pinkett- Smith is an American actress and Wife of American actor Will Smith. She is also the mother of child stars, Willow Smith and Jaden Smith.

The actress has courageously revealed a secret not many would have and she made the shocking revelation on her TV show ‘Red Table Talks’. According to her, she was taught to masturbate by her grand mother when she was just 9 years old. Jada Pinkett-Smith went on to reveal that her grandmother teaching her self pleasuring at 9, was a way for her to get to know her own body.

She also said that masturbating helped her abstain from sex with a man. The actress further revealed that she is thankful to her grandmother for teaching her that she didn’t have to rely solely on a man to give her pleasure. However she said that she became addicted to masturbating all the time.

In her own words, “My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that pleasure was from me. She didn’t want me to fall into the hands of a man, and if he gave me pleasure, to think that that was him. And she taught me at nine!”