Sex For Roles Still Exist In Nollywood,” Says Micheal Kalu

Adebare Akinwale

Nollywood producer, Michael Kalu, has revealed that many producers and directors in the Nigerian movie industry demand to sleep with female thespians in exchange for a role in their movies.

Kalu said this during an interview at a recent red carpet event. “I can’t tell you that the sex for role syndrome doesn’t exist in Nollywood,” said Kalu who has worked as either a production manager or production assistant on more than 40 films.

“That will be a lie, some girls don’t want to work hard, attend auditions, castings and wait for their time to blow.

They just want an instant rise to stardom and so believe they can get there with what they have as they use to say, and also some producers use their office to intimidate some of these girls too.
“So I will advise the lady thespians to work hard and stop having that mentality.

And producers also should try to give roles to actors on merit.”He however said cases have reduced in the last five years because some well-meaning Nigerians have created platforms like Obylisious Empire Film Academy and Tresurewells Academy that will not only train and equip the actors but also guarantee their breakthrough in Nollywood by creating jobs for them after their internship and shooting their movies with these trained actors
“So I will advise our intending or upcoming actors to look for these film academies and enroll.

This way, the sex for role syndrome will keep reducing since these academies also guarantee roles.
” As the third largest film industry in the world, Nollywood has been notorious for its sex scandals and not too long ago, Paul Obazele had asserted that gay persons have taken over the movie sector.
Also, a Nollywood producer disclosed that a big producer/marketer once harassed her by caressing her breasts and in 2015.
Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, went on Instagram to accuse a producer of denying her a role because she refused his sexual advances. Sadau however apologized the next day, describing her post as ‘childish.’

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