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The World Cup Curse for Defending Champions

Itohan Ferguson

The biggest tournament in the universe, the FIFA World Cup 2018, is currently underway and it is being hosted by Russia. As expected, the world cup has been full of several intrigues and the football matches have been quite surprising.

This year’s tournament is a subtle reminder that being a champion in the past is not a guarantee that you will be a champion in the present, as we see past champions like Spain, Brazil, Germany, Portugal et cetera, practically struggling in the group stage matches against their opponents.

The interesting thing about the World Cup, according to football pundits, is the urban legend  or curse that those who defend the title after winning the previous tournament, never make it pass the group stage matches.

This urban legend is quite shocking and true to its assumption, defending champions Germany were sent out of the tournament in disgrace, after losing to South Korea, yesterday, 27th June, 2018 in a 2-0 scoreline.

Below are countries who have experienced the curse of the World Cup:

1998: France won the World Cup

2002: France was eliminated in the group stage

2006: Italy won the world cup

2010: Italy was eliminated in the group stage

2010: Spain won the world cup

2014: Spain was eliminated in the group stage

2014: Germany won the world cup

2018: Germany is eliminated in the group stage

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