One to Watch: Vaderthewildcard


His real name is Franklyn Nnamdi Ikemefune also known as @vaderthewildcard and the talented young singer spoke to Happenings about himself, here is what he had to say:

My name is Franklyn Nnamdi Ikemefuna, I am from Delta State. I am a 24-year-old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter. I do hip-hop, afro trap and afro pop. I come from a family that appreciates music, my dad is a music enthusiast and used to be a DJ in the University. My mum is still a chorister to this day, all my uncles do music on the side as well. My grand uncle is the late high life musician Eddie Okonta, so, music has always been around me.

The first rap song I consciously listened to was “Better Dayz” by Tupac Shakur in 2003. It made me feel some type of way and I didn’t know it then but that song went a long way in shaping my approach to music.

My approach to music is from a brutally honest place and I like to keep everything 100%; I don’t like to say what I am not in songs. Whatever I say in my songs, best believe it is true.

The musicians I love are; J. Cole, Kendrick, Nas, Falz, Vector, I also respect Jay Z and MI. These are musicians I consciously listen to for relatable rap.

However I have a list of singers I listen to, for their technical prowess in records. For just my listening pleasure, there is no song/genre I don’t listen to, I have no standards when it comes to that. It’s been fun though and eye-opening, since I started music professionally in August 2017.

My goal is to change the look of rap in Nigeria, I am trying to make rap as enjoyable as pop. Watch out for my upcoming project, it will genre-shifting.

Use this link to listen to my latest song: https://soundcloud.com/vaderthewildcard/not-famous

Twitter: @vader_wildcard
IG: @vaderthewildcard
Sound cloud: Vader The Wildcard

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