4 Delicious Benefits Of Office Romance No One Admits They Enjoy

4 Delicious Benefits Of Office Romance No One Admits They Enjoy

Everest Nwagwu

Photo Credit: Iyandansdiary

I will be honest. I have office romance fantasies and the moment I am lucky enough to date someone, it’s all over. All my crazy fantasies will be enacted. I will even kiss her in front of my boss. Ok I’m joking.

Unlike what many people say, office romance can be one of the most exciting things ever. As long as you both are discreet, it is going to work out (no pessimism here).

So below are some delicious benefits of office romance I am sure many people enjoy.

  1. Sweet gossip

Yes, couples gossip a lot. Gossiping is literally what most couples do when they are not talking about future plans, having sex, watching a movie or sleeping. Office romance allows many people to collaborate with their lover against a colleague, punishing the said colleague with heavy gossip about them. Yes, this might not always be a good thing but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Especially in a case where someone is back talking your lover to you.

  1. Great collaboration

Like it or not, office romance doesn’t always mean bickering and friction with one’s lover. Sometimes it leads to great collaboration between partners who work better, given their romantic synergy. Imagine having a lover who helps you hit your target.

  1. Hiding in plain sight

Imagine being in a heated, sexually active, romantic relationship with a colleague and no one else knows. They mistake your PDA as harmless flirting and have no idea your extra tight hug actually is you establishing your territory. Hiding in plain sight makes for a guilty kind of pleasure as you and your partner fool everyone with your constant denials, yet secretly enjoy the bold displays of love.

  1. Better sex at home.

Finally, dating someone in the same office can actually translate into better sex at home. Especially if you are dating your superior who is a strict draconian lord at the office. Imagine the power play of getting home and riding them to orgasmic insanity, punishing them for being so stiff in the office. Yes, office romance sometimes spices things up at home.

In all of these, it is important to note that not every office romance works out and as much as love is a beautiful thing, keep it discreet and mature and do not wash your dirty linens outside.

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