HarrySong Cries Out for Help in Suicidal Social Media Post

HarrySong Cries Out for Help in Suicidal Social Media Post

Itohan Ferguson

Nigerian singer, Harrison Tare Okiri aka Harrysong took to his social media to post a rather disturbing message about death. This social media post, have his loyal fans in a frenzy at his mental state at the moment, with many surmising that he is suffering from depression.

In his own words: Don’t cry when I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert. Empower more youths… I have lived, I have done my bit, carry on in grace. TEKERO I LOVE YOU ALL.”

Consequently, there are speculations that this is the singer’s cry for help as he has become suicidal. There has been an outpouring of love and support from the singer’s loyal fans.

His management has released a statement on social media, stating that the singer will get all the help he needs from his emotional issues.

According to them: “Harrysong is getting the needed help. A big thank you to concerned fans, friends and family who have put in calls, messages and emails to check on Harrysong after his alarming Instagram post 22 hours ago. The truth is that Harrysong has been dealing with slight emotional issues in the last few days and has been trying to manage it alone. But at this point, we are getting him the much-needed help.

“We have been in talks with Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Practitioner, Oyinkansola Alabi and a session has been booked. Depression is real, but when that happens one should sought for help in the appropriate quarters.

“Once again, Thank you all”.

Our prayers are with the singer.

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