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The Somorika Hills In Edo State

The Somorika Hills In Edo State

Everest Nwagwu

The Somorika Hills In Edo State
Source: TravelStart

Edo State, Nigeria with its beauty and splendor is a magical place to visit. From the Oba Palace to the River Oviawe, Edo state is full of great tourist attractions. However, the Somorika Hills is a particularly important one for the Edo people people.

Somorika is a hilly town located in Akoko Edo about 5 Kilometers north-east of Igarra. It is located at an altitude that is probably the highest inhabited height in Edo State. Somorikans are believed to be those that reneged on a military assignment during the British invasion of 1897.

The sun is said to rise and set on the town of Somorika. The town is made of seven Hills, Looking at it from the seventh hill, the cloud seems to form a kind of covering over the community. The collection of primordial relics and buildings seem to remind one of prehistoric cities around the world. The community seems to have a lot of one-storey buildings that date back in time.

The Mystery 

Like most ancient cities with a touch of mystery, to get to the city on the rocks, as it is often called, one would have to find the road leading to it, first. To get there would mean ascending seven hills which are crusty. Still, the curtness is what gives the expedition an interesting and audacious appeal.

Each of the seven hills is unique and they all have names. The first is Ayalade. Ogundugundu, the second, is the longest and highest of them all.

Somorika experience is one of mystery and awe. From the hilly roads leading to the community and the tour of the entire area, the feeling is one of excitement. Like ancient tales told only by elders, Somorika could pass for one of the towns in those tales.

Each point of the tour gives a narrative that can serve for an adventure novel. As with many ancient settlements, it has a lot of mysteries, history and works of art which are not man-made.

One of such geological wonders is the Oriakpe in Somorika – the big rock wearing a little cap shaped like a human fingernail. Whether natural or not, these works, rocks, caves and springs can compete with any tourist destination in any part of the world.

For the adventurous souls, a visit to Somorika, the community on the rocks, is a life-time experience that would leave the traveler in high spirits always. The place has the power to leave a mark on the daring souls.

Another site worthy of beholding is some indelible marks which appear well preserved by nature. The marks are believed to have been made by shrapnels from the British rockets during the war.

The region is called Ekisa rocks by the natives. There is also the Oriakpe rock. It comprises a human shaped rock carved intricately by nature on a massive boulder.

It is believed to belong to a girl who was agglutinated to the rock due to her disobedience and insolence to the gods. The girl, Omologboloyin, violated an outstanding taboo during Ohome, the marriage festival of the Somorikans.

She was subsequently turned into a rock by the gods. Oriakpe rock with Omogboloyin sitting appears to be the only known symbol of Somorika today.

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