Basket Mouth Call Out NAHCO For Baggage Vandalism

Basket Mouth Call Out NAHCO For Baggage Vandalism

Itohan Ferguson

Nigerian comedian, Basket Mouth (Bright Okpocha) took to his social media page to call out NAHCO (Nigerian Aviation Handling Company). According to him, their seeming incompetence at handling passenger luggage is indeed worrying.

There have been instances when passengers are robbed of their belongings after it had been checked-in. Clearly, safety and security of luggage is an issue at airports.

Over the years, celebrities and passengers alike have bemoaned the state of their luggage after check-in. While Basket Mouth has not come out to give a concrete reason for the call out, there are speculations that he may have experienced vandalism of his luggage.

The comedian is asking that NAHCO re-orientate their staff about honesty and uprightness.

In his own words: “I want to use this medium to appreciate NAHCO. You guys have been doing a great job handling our luggage at the airport. However, I suggest you advise your staff to have small shame, just a little, I’m not asking for too much. Breaking into passengers checked in luggage isn’t romantic. It’s 2018. Charity begins at home not in the luggage of the airline passengers.”

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