Battle of the OAPs: N6 Drags Toke Makinwa For Shading Him

Battle of the OAPs: N6 Drags Toke Makinwa For Shading Him

Itohan Ferguson

Nigerian On-Air Personality, N6 dragged Toke Makinwa on his social media page. This is coming days after Toke Makinwa shaded him for insulting Nigerian Comedia, AY.

The conflict began days ago when N6 called AY ignorant for saying the loss of D’Banj’s son was a test from God. N6 in his radio show was acidic in his assessment of the situation.

Thus in defence of AY, Toke Makinwa subtly shaded N6.

In her own words: ” If you are out in these streets knocking people’s hustle, criticising and calling people out just make sure there is enough going on in your life. Make sure your shot is tight and you actually getting ahead. In short, let’s see your work and be inspired too cos if you are an empty barrel. The joke is on you.

“At least the people you call out are trying to do something yet with what God has given them. It might not be perfect yet but everyone started somewhere. Not everything is worth discussing, most especially when you need all the help you can get yourself.

“Have a burger, drink water and Focus on your shit.”

While the beautiful socialite was subtle in her shade of N6, he did not grant her the same courtesy. His response was ugly and he attacked her person quite obviously.

See Photo of N6 response:

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