Femi Adebayo
Femi Adebayo

How Nollywood Actor Femi Adebayo Salami Escaped an Assassination Attempt



If not for the grace of God, Nollywood would have been thrown into mourning as Femi Adebayo Salami escaped an assassination attempt today, Nov 8 2018.

The incident occurred at 12noon when Adebayo’s car was moving towards Ojota from CMD road, around 7up in Lagos.

A Toyota Corolla car was said to have crossed his vehicle at the U-Turn and two men alighted from it.

The men were allegedly in possession of AK47’s trying to force the door of Femi’s car open.

Our source said they kept hitting Femi’s car door in their bid to force it open.

However, in the process, they only left dents on different parts of the car when they could not achieve their aim.

Femi Adebayo who is still in shock confirmed the incident on his social media, thanking God for sparing his life.

”I thank God for keeping me, I’m still in shock”, he wrote.

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