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Fans React To Olamide’s Selfish Interest Post



Hip- hop sensation, Olamide Baddo has revealed why he cannot share his wealth  to help the needy after a fan told to him to help other people to rise through his wealth.

He stated further that it is good to be selfish because he is not yet in the  position to help.

He explained on his social media that a cheerful giver does not have savings, if not Dangote would have shared all his money to solve Nigerian problems.

Meanwhile, some of his fans have reacted to the post, while some supported him, others were against his claim.

Those who supported him disclosed that, some people are lazy and waiting to obtain from hardworking people, they should go and work and not be dependants.

However, those against his claim reacted and said: ”You have made money, do not hesitate to help people in need”

Another fans angrily said ”keep your money to yourself…God still exists”.

And if that was not enough, another fan expressed, ”Olamide should know this life is vanity”

Meanwhile, his colleague, Davido is known to be a cheerful giver.