Moyo lawal
Moyo lawal

Husband- Hunter, Moyo Lawal Sets Condition For Suitors



Sexy actress, Moyo Lawal who cried out recently for a husband has set a condition for interested suitors.

In her last post, she made it clear that she was tired of sleeping alone, and needed a husband.

Her posts generated plenty of romantic messages from the men folks who showed interest to marry her.

However, sexy Moyo Lawal has reacted to these romantic messages, saying she is not interested. She said she had suffered so much for the sake of true love in the past.

She told the men folks who sent romantic messages to her not to bother as she is not interested.

The fear of the unknown seems to be scaring this curvy actress away from the reality of life.

Then again, how will she make her dream to find a man come through, if she rejects every man who seeks her hand in marriage?

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