The Secret Life of Your Favorite Nollywood Actress

The Secret Life of Your Favorite Nollywood Actress


Pearl Emmanuel

A certain Nollywood actress who has crowned herself ‘King’ and filmed her own plastic surgery has been exposed.

A source divulged to Happening that the controversial actress who is nototrious for flaunting her wealth and success on social media, is not as wealthy as she seems.

The source also revealed that this actress allegedly has politicians footing her bills in exchange for sexual favours.

According to this source, the actress runs a foundation that is anything but successful.

Consequently, she is swimming in debts and unending calls from people her foundation has pledged to help but failed.

The actress had lied and promised cash and material gifts to the supposed recipients of her foundation. These are pledges she never redeemed, rather avoids calls from these recipients.

Furthermore, the close source revealed that the actress’ foundation is only a front to scheme more money from oblivious benefactors.

In the past, the ‘King’ actress showed off a 2017 Range Rover Sports, as a reward for her hard work. Shockingly the expensive vehicle is not hers.

It belongs to her Abuja-based former best friend. Who is a wealthy socialite and restaurant owner contesting for office in 2019.

According to the tatafo, when the going was good between them, the socialite would readily loan the expensive vehicle to the actress to flaunt.

This according to the grapevine increased the ’yellow pawpaw’ actress’ ratings.

Rumour has it that the duo who were once as thick as thieves are now bitter enemies over a sexual liaison with a popular Malawian ’Shepherd’ of South African flocks.

The said actress was in South Africa months ago for a ministration tour of the Shepherd’s church.

What the source is alleging was a front for the real business of ‘back for ground’.

The tatafo also revealed to Happenings that the actress is drowning in debt in a bid to look rich.

Clearly her Champagne lifestyle on her beer budget income is putting her under immense pressure.

This said actress is in an acrimonious relationship with her estranged and supposedly wealthy husband.

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