The Truth About Bobrisky’s Instagram N4 Million Revealed!

Bobrisky Was Flaunting a huge amount of money on Instagram yesterday.

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian male socialite and popular cross dresser Bobrisky is shaking things up again. The transvestite intends to remain relevant by all means though.

Personally, I applaud all of his hard work at creating and maintaining a brand while flourishing in a niche so rare.

Quite commendable.

Nevertheless, Bobrisky started 2019 on a high note signing a deal with a boutique.

Between you and me I strongly believe the ambassadorial deal was just for the free supply of clothes, with no financial appreciation as he led the public to believe.

Bobrisky signs new deal in 2019
Bobrisky signs new deal in 2019

He made a post recently about a Nigerian footballer he befriended who gave him N50,000 for his breakfast.

We all know that most Nigerian footballers go about funding the businesses and luxury lives of most of our favorite celebrities (but that’s a story for another day, let’s return to Uncle Bob)

The latest video of Bobrisky making the rounds and causing a huge stir on social media is one of him lavishly counting and flaunting ‘Four Million Naira’. He posted the video with the caption:

Anyone who says u cannot be rich tomorrow should f*ck off. Dey are not your creator. Be happy do your thing and don’t give a fuck about their opinions. Enjoy ur day.


Now let’s dissect this story, firstly what is the guarantee that the money wasn’t printed counterfeits for the gram and who even verified that the bundles of Naira notes was 4 million?

Before you go ahead to tag me a ‘Hater’ let me give you the real story about uncle Bob.

In the heat of Big Brother Naija 2018, while Bob Risky parroted his undying love for Nina and claimed that he got her several gifts, he omitted the fact that he had to beg for these gifts. Also, most of these gifts, were sponsored by celebrities like Tonto.

I saw a chat between Bobrisky actually begging Tonto Dikeh for N150,000 to get these gifts and the magnanimous actress sent it to him.

Yep! I saw the transfer myself.


There are more stories exposing the cross-dresser, but let’s pause here, with all I know about Bobrisky and his weak efforts at keeping up appearances. The money he was flaunting on Instagram are either fake notes or they belonged to a friend (maybe the person filming).

A celebrity who can shamelessly beg for N150,000 is unlikely to have N4m in his coffers.

Also recall that the cross dresser participated in the viral 10 years challenge and shamelessly posted a photo of himself when he was dark-skinned and looked more male than female.

Before you get upset, what do you really think about the 4 million naira, do you really believe that Bobrisky’s ‘bae’ actually gave him the money?

Also who is the mystery admirer paying for his lodging at Intercontinental hotel?

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

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