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Nollywood Actress Angela Okorie Returns from Liberia Heartbroken

Actress hints that she is heartbroken from her last trip to Liberia 

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Angela Okorie, who recently caused a stir online with her trip to Liberia, is back home. The actress was pictured with the President of Liberia earlier in January 2019. There were a lot of speculations that she visited the president of the African country to do some “other room” business (if you know what I mean).

Angela, who is currently estranged from her husband, has her son Chamberlin in her custody as sole guardian. It is alleged that her marriage crashed because of her “not so straight ways” with her husband.

She hinted that her trip to Liberia was related to having “her signature on the progressive wall of Liberia Film Industry.” This begs the questions; how many movies has the Nigerian actress featured in? No offense to Liberia but most of her colleagues are expanding their career to highly recognized international quarters. Why go backwards in your career?

Angela Okorie and Liberian President
Angela Okorie and Liberian President

We all know the trip to Liberia was a cover-up for the real business she went for.

From her recent post on social media, Angela seemed to have returned heartbroken, seeing as her “signature was imprinted on that Liberian wall” after all.

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