Uriel Gives An Online Troll A Kind Reply That Has Got Everyone Talking 

Uriel Gives An Online Troll A Kind Reply That Has Got Everyone Talking 

Uriel Oputa might be even more adorable than you thought! Check out her sweet response to a troll who said she was begging for a car and house 

Pearl Emmanuel

Ex-Big Brother Naija star, of the See Gobe edition, Uriel Ngozi Oputa, has wormed her way into the hearts of many.

Uriel, who came into spotlight after contesting on the reality show and because of her love for cooking and fashion tips, dotes on her sick elderly mother.

One of the relevant few from that Big Brother Naija season, Uriel has signed multiple deals with multinational and home grown brands.

She recently posted a video praying and asking for a house and a car on her birthday.

Uriel also posted a picture of herself on set asking her fans to guess the latest brand she'll be advertising for and promised to give whoever guessed right a gift.

An online troll took that very moment to attack and abuse the influencer in such brutal and uncivilized terms

Uriel decided to take her time in making an example of this troll who dragged her image online with the post below:

Firstly My Name is Ada Uriel Ngozika Chukwu Oputa... Not Alex.. I love her so much. She’s Hot!!Secondly I Never judge or Compare my Life style to anyone’s we all have a different cross to bear.. How can I look at another woman like Alex who’s working hard like myself and hate?? NEVER. MEHN.. I NO GET BAD BELLE OO .I SLEEP EASY.YES I DO WANT A CAR @igba_ka_igba but like I said we all have a cross to bear.. If I really wanted to buy a car I could but we all have a cross to bear.  When you are constantly paying for round the clock care for a sick parent then maybe you will understand the pressure.. We all have cross to bear. I’m not looking at a fancy car but a wheelchair friendly car so I’m able to get my mum from point A to B. Lastly, check well since I left the big brother house I’ve been signing deals back to back.. working back to back .. I’m not going to sit here and lie. Healthcare of my mum is worth more than anything.. as long as she’s alive.. I would ride taxis all day. This is why I’m still relevant today... I Work HARD. Now my small minded sister..Love always lives Here. Not hate because I would end up looking like you. Damn that would be a disaster. PSI LOVE.MY MUM ASKED ME SOMETHING... URIEL WHY DO YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH ? BECAUSE YOU TAUGHT ME HOW TO LOVE AND APPRECIATE MY WORTH. P.S. I’ve worked with so many brands and I’m about to add an international brand to the bill..Hate does not Live Here. .Keep working. I’m me, you are you ... Don’t allow negativity into your Space ... I responded even when your working people will say you No Get Job

Fans and celebrities have since applauded the social media influencer’s response and shown their undying love for her. Some have insisted, though, that she should have remained silent, as the troll did not deserve a response from her.

What do you think Uriel should have done?

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