See Why This Light Skinned Nollywood Actor Rejected His Child 

See Why This Light Skinned Nollywood Actor Rejected His Child 

This Nollywood actor has contested the paternity of his child because she is albino. Is this the actor’s perfect excuse to leave his marriage or is he merely ignorant? Read to know who the actor is. 

Pearl Emmanuel

A light skinned Nollywood actor, who hails from the East, got married about four years ago to a beautiful light skinned damsel, also from the East.

This actor is loved by many, especially for his good looks and clean, fair skin. He recently produced a movie which didn't do well in the cinemas.

There has been rumours of his separation from his beautiful wife after their second child, a girl, was born. The wife of the actor, who doesn't like putting his family in the media, gave birth to a son shortly after they tied the knot and he was overjoyed.

This actor welcomed a second child with his beautiful wife sometime after the first. It was at this point that the marriage went downhill, because he discovered the child was an albino, and according to him, albinism doesn't run in his family. So right now, this actor whose surname starts with the fifth letter in the alphabets is currently separated from his wife.

He probably just used the birth of his daughter as an excuse to leave his marriage. It has been rumoured severally that this actor is also gay. One of his partners was former Governor of an Eastern state who made a statue of himself and lost the senatorial seat in the last election.

It is baffling that with this actor's exposure, he still feels that albinism must run in a family before a child can be born asone.

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