I’m Not The Enemy, The World Is Laughing At Us - Simi To Yahoo Boys

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Hours after her Instagram live question and answer session with her fans that saw her condemn Internet fraud, Simi has maintained that she is not the enemy.

The songstress faced a backlash from some of her fans after she asked 'yahoo boys' to stop buying her songs or even watch her videos.

She told anyone who cared to listen that she won't be pressed into a corner where she'd begin to see the act as normal because the perpetrators of fraudulent acts promote her music career.

Her position on the issue seems to have vexed a few persons who went ahead to destroy her CD in their collections.

But the sonorous singer is unfazed by the act, as she warns that she is not the enemy, rather just a messenger reminding everyone that the world is laughing at Nigeria as a country.

In a series of video uploaded on her Instagram status, she said: "Guys they are laughing at us, they are laughing at us. All of us together. Every other week in some country, they are arresting Nigerians for fraud.

"Guys, it's breaking my heart the way too many people are fighting for and advocating for internet fraud."

Watch the full clip below:

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