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Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh’s Rant: Shameless Or Valid?

Kevin David

Kevin David

Social media in Nigeria recently woke up to a barrage of interviews granted by popular actress, Tonto Dikeh, berating her ex-husband over everything, from the unacceptable to the scandalous. These include his lack of financial input towards the upkeep of their son, King, and how he scammed her into a marriage which she fully funded, several incidences of domestic violence and the jaw dropping dish on his sexual prowess or lack thereof in bed.

I don't want to bore you with the details. So, her actions have been met with mixed reactions from people over whether it was right for her to wash her dirty linen in that manner considering a child is involved, with mere mortals, celebrities and even politicians weighing in. Here's my take:

No one wants a broken home. Everyone wants a fairy tale ending, and divorce (whatever your intentions were before marriage) is not an easy thing to go through. So, if Tonto believes speaking out helps her heal, by all means, indulge her.

It is said that it is cathartic to open up about our pain and anguish and she has a lot of receipts to back up her claims. Although it makes perfect sense to hold some details back, which she apparently said she is doing and would only unleash more when provoked, she should by all means rant.

Toke Makinwa aptly sums it all up in her Instagram post on this issue, where she advised people to stop telling others how to heal on an issue they have never experienced. Touche!

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