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Bobrisky: On A Doll Dominion

Kevin David

Kevin David

Love him or hate him, Bobrisky has managed to carve a niche for himself in an area many find too controversial to meddle in.

Yes, Denrele might have paved the way for guys like him but he has managed to get people glued to him, has had such staying power and his antics keep intriguing people.

As usual, he was up to his ways recently and whilst responding to fans on his Instagram page, he told an inquiring fan how he manages to have such a well carved out camel toe and asked if he has had the dick nip. That is, had his manhood cut off and Bobrisky affirmed he has indeed chopped off his manhood, saying what has he, a "fine girl " like him got to do with a male genital. Hilarious!

He has a massive fan base, one of the top most followed in Nigeria and his posts rack up such attention. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

While this seems to be simply a ploy to grab the headlines, and his male genitals are still intact, his headline grabbing tactics seem to be working.

Clearly, all his followers couldn't be haters as many who proclaim to hate him always slide into his DMs to ask for favours, ask him out, amongst many other requests. Despite his controversial lifestyle, the self-acclaimed Nigerian barbie doll has managed to stay on top of his game, giving girls a good run for their money and looking like he is on his way to doll dominion. Girls, watch out!