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Kevin David

Kevin David

The thought process of “if he loves me, he will find time to call and make time for me” is one of the reasons some relationships end, according to ace comedian, Alibaba, on an Instagram post recently.

He stressed that he has taught this to many married women who say their husbands are too busy and many of them changed their thought process after he talked to them while others remained hell bent on their ways.

Having that school of thought, he opines, is the reason many relationships break up. So, rather than give the man drama like most wives do, side chicks tend to be winning by showing more care, attention and consideration, which ultimately wins the man's heart.

While this is quite spot on, it is unfair to put the pressure of who would make the relationship work on the woman. It takes two to make a relationship work and it takes the effort of both partners to contribute to making it work. Love, as we said in a previous post, is not enough in a relationship, and at some point, the wife was seemingly perfect before the man deemed her wife worthy. As such, communication is essential in making a headway in a relationship.

Men tend to sway easy, and regardless of how good a woman is, more often than not, it doesn't stop a man straying. So, based on that narrative, you wouldn't really heap the blame on the woman for being possessive and dramatic

Conscious, intentional loving and reassurance helps keep love moist and fresh in the hearts of a couple. If a man is busy at work, there's nothing bad if he puts a video call to the wife to show that he is indeed busy at work. It also comes off as romantic.

There's nothing bad in putting occasional calls to the wife to let her know he has been busy and would rather be home with her even if he doesn't really mean it. By speaking it continually, it slowly begins to register with the brain and he begins to actually mean and want it. This helps keep the woman's heart at peace.

"Conscious Coupling " is the way to go to keep a relationship afloat in this world of so many distractions. You consciously act all romantic and do things with conscious effort. When the things you do become a habit and they suddenly change, you can easily detect something is wrong and it would be easy to get to the root of the issue .

So, Alibaba should also talk to the men to step up and be more present in their relationships and stop putting the weight of the relationship on the shoulders of the woman, expecting her to be the one who has to make things work.

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