Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels Initiated Into The Group Of Married Women

Child actress and wife of billionaire, Ned Nwoko, is initiated into the group of married women, as tradition demands. 

Pearl Emmanuel

The news of Regina Daniels and billionaire Ned Nwoko's relationship still amazes many, as they wonder why the young star would agree to date and even marry such an elderly fellow.

Regina Daniels has continued to let the world know she doesn't care about their thoughts. She has decided to make her relationship with Ned Nwoko a permanent affair. Despite being called out and hauled insults at by the other wives and children of the man, Regina has decided to tie the knot with the billionaire.

In a recent video, the young actress can be seen dressed in white regalia as her tradition demands. She has accepted to be initiated into womanhood, according to the Anioma tradition of Delta State.

It is easy to see in pictures of the occasion that Regina has added some weight and her cheeks look fuller. This might just be her way of announcing her pregnancy, as it was rumoured earlier that the actress is pregnant for Ned Nwoko. Looking at the pictures, it just might be true.

According to traditional rites, a proper traditional wedding is bound to take place between the actress and her husband soon.

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