Beverly Osu
Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu Weighs In On Celebrities Having Butt Surgery

Model, Beverly Osu, is fed up with celebrities with fake butts in the entertainment industry and she’s ranting about it.

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular model and actress, Beverly Osu, has finally weighed in on the increase in artificial butt surgery and general body enhancement, especially in the entertainment industry.

The model claims she is not against ladies undergoing butt enlargement surgeries to feel good about themselves. But her advice to those who have decided that the best way to keep their man is to have gigantic boobs and butt is to ensure that they visit professional doctors who make the surgery look good afterwards.

The actress further lamented seeing most female celebrities who have undergone the surgery come out to look like the popular children cartoon character, Sponge Bob. The actress revealed that the ladies on the island of Lagos come out with "square" shaped looking butt after the surgery. She believes it is not right to spend such outrageous sum of money to get a butt which looks too unreal and irregular in shape.

She then advised ladies who are thinking of surgery to consider if the short term gains are worth the risk. She further said anyone who decides to undergo the surgery should get ready to join the fitfam family and be ready to diet as well.

To the young ladies thinking about doing this, think very well if the short term gains are worth the long term risk. What is your body going to look like in 5/10years? If you don’t know you are still going to end up having to work out regularly and eating right. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️If you are not already fit fam then good luck to you .🙄Don’t feed the monster called vanity.#Eatright #workout #stayactive #savemoney

Her rant brings to mind a particular tall actress and TV host who underwent butt enlargement surgery and has taken to working out daily. The actress posts her exercise routine daily on her Instagram stories and has former Big Brother Naija star, who was once disqualified, as her personal trainer. Indeed, like Beverly Osu pointed out, undergoing butt enlargement surgeries is just the first step to living a fitfam life.

From the comments on social media, many feel she is subtly shading Tonto Dikeh. This might be the reason Tonto wanted to undergo her second series of beauty surgery, seeing that she has not been working out regularly.

The actress, nevertheless, makes a valid point.

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