Mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe

Customer Accuses Mercy Aigbe Of Selling Hypo To Her As Body Cream

Pearl Emmanuel

A fan and lover of actress, Mercy Aigbe, has expressed her disappointment at the actress for selling hypo to her at the price of 17,500 naira instead of the chocolate body cream she requested.

The customer, who hid her identity from the public, claimed that she has been an avid follower of the actress. According to her, she has always loved the way Mercy Aigbe's skin looks really good on Instagram.

The customer also claimed that she saw that the actress was hardworking and just wanted to patronise the skin lotion from her to support her business, especially as she claims to be a single mother.

According to the customer, she was in a public place when she received her package from the actress. She opened the cream and the smell of hypo filled the room. She claimed some people asked what the smell was.

The customer also claimed that after a few days, the cream began to separate. She has refused to use the product on her skin and has since discarded it.

Her sole reason, she insisted, for calling out the actress was because of the money she wasted and also to warn the general public to be careful of the products they buy for their skin.

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