Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Revealed! Why OAP Toke Makinwa Had Her Body Done

The president of baby girls association might have used her hard earned millions to acquire trouble for herself

Pearl Emmanuel

President of the baby girls association, Toke Makinwa, did not hide the fact that she had her body done. She announced to the world that she enhanced her butt and augmented her boobs.

Since the big reveal on her Vlog and social media page, the baby girl for life has been ‘peppering’ fans and the social media community with her body.

While fans know that she went under the knife, not many know why she opted for plastic surgery.

Trust Happenings to give you the scoop.

A little birdie whispered to us that the OAP did not get her desirable coke bottle figure of her own volition. Rather she did it to please the man in her life at the time.

Somebody say, “Again!”

Yes, she did it again. Recall that in the past she bleached her skin to almost transparency in a bid to keep her man and ex-husband, Maje Ayida.

According to what Toke Makinwa revealed in her best selling book, ‘Onbecoming’, Maje liked them ‘yellow’, while she was dark. Thus to get him to desire her, the melanin queen bleached herself to ivory, which was for nothing because she did not keep the man.

He went ahead to get his long time mistress, Anita Solomon, pregnant, much to Toke’s chagrin.

Now, in this second instance of going above and beyond to please her man, the little bird said that Toke Makinwa at the time met a handsome rich hunk who was apparently smitten with her.

He had even promised her marriage. This for Toke would have been the ultimate victory. She would have shut her naysayers up once and for all.

However, her Nigerian US based lover would not stop talking about women with curvy derrieres. The source, who prefers to stay anonymous, alleged that Toke’s hunk almost hinted at her getting surgery to improve her figure.

True to her desire to keep her man, the OAP went under the knife, she got liposuction, augmented her breasts and got a Brazilian butt lift.

Despite her sacrifice, sadly the romantic relationship with her US based lover ended. This was because someone in her circle exposed the sordid scandal between her and Nigerian Billionaire, Festus Fadeyi.

Clearly, her US based beau could not stomach the reality of her ‘Baby lifestyle’.

The socialite who just returned from a summer vacation with her friend, Mai Atafo, in South Africa was spotted in an event in Lagos recently.

Unlike how good she looks filtered on her social media page, her surgically improved figure looked botched. This may account for why she is always self-conscious in public gatherings.

Her hips and butt looked somewhat lopsided and it did not sit well on her tiny frame.

Just like the first time, Toke Makinwa is left without the man and a botched figure.

Asking a rather pertinent question, is Toke Makinwa suffering from deeply rooted self esteem issues or is she a woman who will do anything to get a man?

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