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Davido Breaks Down At The News Of DJ Arafat’s Death
Davido and DJ Arafat

Davido Breaks Down At The News Of DJ Arafat’s Death

Jayfred Ugo

Social media has erupted into mourning after news of DJ Arafat’s death hit the public last night.

The king of coupé-décalé dance died in a hospital where he was rushed to after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a vehicle on August 12 in Abidjan.

DJ Arafat
DJ Arafat

The Ivorian francophone artiste, Ange Didier Huon, best known as DJ Arafat, was said to have died at 12 midnight from injuries sustained during the accident.

Leading Nigerian music star, Davido, took to his Twitter handle to mourn the loss of the artiste, whom he called brother.

Read his tweets below.

Both artistes sang in the hit single, "Naughty", back in September 2014. The song was well received in Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Minister of State in Ivory Coast, Hamed Bakayoko, confirmed the death of the DJ to the public.

Ironically, his latest single, which he dropped in May, was titled "Moto-Moto" and he later died from a “Motor” crash. The music video has already hit 4.5 million views on YouTube since its release in May.