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Bobrisky - Happenings

Bobrisky On The Run As Police Storm And Seal Venue Of Birthday Party

Pearl Emmanuel

Bobrisky's plans to have the most publicized 28th birthday party, which was meant to be the 'talk of Lagos', were thwarted yesterday and the party ground was reduced to a gathering of highly armed Nigerian police officers.

Bobrisky has become the biggest ridicule on social media, seeing that his much talked about and highly anticipated party was not just put on hold indefinitely but his freedom has become threatened.

This unforeseen attack on his birthday was said to have started when the cross-dresser, who severally speculated via write-ups and innuendos that he was gay, challenged and insulted the Director General of the National Council for Arts and Culture.

The DG, in an interview, in clear terms expressed his displeasure at Bobrisky and described him as a national disgrace to the country.

Bobrisky, in return, belittled the office of the DG by threatening to 'wait for him'. The effeminate cross-dresser further replied that he only dealt with bigger politicians.

He then went on to continue his grand themed birthday party, only for police officers to ambush the venue after getting information that the effeminate cross-dresser was present at the venue.

Upon sighting the officers, Bobrisky smartly took to his heels in search of a hiding place, abandoning guests already present in the process.

"The operation is currently ongoing. It is true that we have sealed up the venue of the party based on some intelligence,” a statement issued by one of the police officers at the venue read.

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